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CITA EV at Riyadh Auto EV Show

CITA EV at Riyadh EV Auto Show 2023 – Event Summary

The Riyadh EV Auto Show, held recently, was a remarkable event that showcased the latest advancements in the electric vehicle industry. Among the notable participants, CITA EV stood out as a shining star, thanks to its partnership with STCE, which contributed to making this event a resounding success.


CITA EV, a leading player in electric vehicle charging, has been at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the EV industry. The Riyadh EV Auto Show provided the perfect platform for CITA EV to showcase its cutting-edge electric vehicle chargers and sustainable electric mobility solutions.


This year, the event featured two notable speakers who graced the audience with their insights. Rohit Ramesh, Product Manager at CITA EV, and Raouf Ahmed, the Director of CITA EV, delivered captivating talks, shedding light on the future of electric vehicles and CITA EV’s pivotal role in shaping the industry. 


CITA EV at Riyadh Auto EV Show 2023


Rohit Ramesh, an expert in electric vehicle technology, emphasised the importance of electrification in mitigating the global carbon footprint. In his engaging presentation, Ramesh underscored CITA EV’s commitment to innovation, highlighting our remarkable progress in developing eco-friendly, high-performance electric vehicle chargers. Raouf Ahmed, Director of CITA EV, addressed the audience with tremendous enthusiasm. His speech resonated with CITA EV’s vision, emphasising the company’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable transportation solutions across the region. Ahmed shared the numerous achievements and milestones that have marked CITA EV’s journey toward promoting clean and efficient electric mobility solutions.


The success of the Riyadh Auto EV Show would not have been possible without the invaluable partnership with STCE (Sustainable Technology Company for Energy). STCE, a staunch advocate for clean energy solutions, played an integral role in making this event a triumph. Their unwavering commitment to clean energy technologies perfectly aligns with CITA EV’s mission, making them the ideal partner for this grand event.


CITA Dual Smart - Riyadh EV Auto Show


One of the most exciting highlights of the event was the unveiling of the new CITA Dual Smart product. The CITA Dual Smart is a groundbreaking innovation that fuses the convenience of a compact electric vehicle with the power of a versatile, dual-purpose machine. The CITA Dual Smart was met with awe and excitement from event attendees, heralding a new era of versatility and adaptability in electric mobility.


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