CITA Smart 60 DC

CITA Smart 60 DC is a fast, efficient and reliable charger meeting all the highest standards for new electric vehicle charging. It can charge three electric vehicles simultaneously with up to 60kW output. It comes with one AC connector: Type 2, with output up to 43kW and Two DC connectors: CS1/CCS2 and CHAdeMO, with output up to 60kW.

it's everything you need

Up to 60kW Power Range

RFID Access

Compatible with Type 2,

Easy installation and maintenance

CITA Smart EV App Operation

1-year warranty

CITA Smart 60 DC

Super-Fast Commercial Charging Solution

It connects intelligently with Ethernet/4G/Wi-Fi and can be operated with a mobile app and RFID authentication. Upgrading possibilities to have a POS terminal for contactless payment and protection grade of IP65. It also comes with a MID certified AC meter, and PTB certified DC meter. CITA Smart 60 DC comes with one year warranty.

Technical Aspects

Charging SocketCHAdeMO, Type 2 cable, CCS2
Cable Length5 meter
EnclosureGalvanized steel
IP RatingIP54
Operating Temperature- 30~ + 55°C
Product Dimension750mm x 400mm x 1830mm

AC Nominal Input/Output

Phases/Lines3 phase + netural+ PE
Rated Current250A

AC/DC Nominal Output

Voltage200~500V DC400V±10%200~1000V DC

PlugCHAdeMOType 2 cableCCS2
Output Power60kW43kW60kW
Output Current125A63A200A
Safety StandardEN/IEC 61851-1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-23: 2014
Communication MethodEthernet/WIFI/4G communication
Mobile App AvailabilityYes, Android and IOS App
Communication ProtocolOCPP 1.6 - JSON (OCPP 2.0 optional)

Your commercial charging experience

Comfortably integrated into everyday life: charge your electric car at any time in your office parking lot or commercial places., Just park and plug into the power supply – it couldn’t be easier.

Step 1

CITA EV Charger Expert

Our EV charger expert optimises the charging process in terms of performance, time and costs. Correctly integrated into your domestic power network by our expert, it continually monitors the power requirements of your electric car and the available output of the power supply.

Step 2

Smart 60 DC Charging Station

In empty parking lots and dedicated charging stations, the Smart 60 DC charger comes in handy with a compact and secure design.

Step 3

Charge with CITA Smart EV Station App

CITA Smart EV Station App is a simple yet smart park and pay platform for EV drivers. Using our app, drivers can book CITA Smart charging stations at the most convenient time and location, as well as pay for services securely online.

CITA Smart EV Charger Management System

CITA charger management system software lets you
track, manage and optimize CITA Smart commercial chargers from wherever and whenever you please.

  • Easy & Smart Management
  • Analytics of your Business Growth
  • Simple Invoicing System
  • Scale your charging network easily
  • Distribute available power with Dynamic Load Balancing

Interested in CITA Smart 60 DC?

Simply request a quotation for your preferred commercial charger and we’ll get back with you shortly with the charging solution that best suits your needs!