CITA EV @ EVIS EVENT | 20-22 MAY 2024 | ADNEC Centre, Abu Dhabi

How to start CITA EV Charger using Monta App

1. Download Monta app & create an account by logging in via email address or mobile number. (or) Scan the QR code pasted in front of the charger.

2. On the “Map” find the charge point you would like to use

3. Select the charge point, and fill in the charging settings

It is important to fill in the charging amount, the pick up time and the payment

4. Select your preferred payment method

If you choose the Monta wallet, then it must have a positive balance to start the charge.
To avoid topping up Monta wallet every time, we recommend you use Google Pay/Apple Pay or Credit Card payment option, and this could be saved in the charger settings for the preferred payment method

5. Swipe ‘Charge Now’ on your screen

You can swipe by softly pressing down on the white circle with an arrow Inside, and without lifting your finger from the screen, moving the circle all the way to the right side of the screen

6. Place the charging cable connected to your car in the
charger. The charging session should start. The charge can be stopped at any time through the app