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CITA EV Chargers are compliant with the New Smart Charge Point Regulations in the UK

There is a need for cities to go electric with their transportation. With this need comes many regulations that will streamline the process of EV charging in the country. Keeping in line with the growing demands for EV charging infrastructure and the significant number of people adopting electric vehicles, a new legislation has come into place to help with balancing the amount of electricity used across the country.

The Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 has come into force since 30th June and is effective in England, Wales and Scotland. This regulation has several pointers that will help in taking the pressure off the National Grid. However, the most important crux of the legislation is to encourage charging during off-peak hours.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few excerpts from the legislation for you to better understand it:

  1. New EV chargers will be encouraged to charge during off-peak hours by default
  2. A randomised delay of 10-minutes is installed before the charging starts
  3. A tamper-protection boundary enabling encrypted communications is mandatory from 30th December 2022
  4. National Grid has a Demand Response mechanism that sends out an automated message to heavy charge points to balance the load being used by them


CITA EV Chargers in UK are designed to make your EV charging experience safe and smooth. Our interactive software solutions offer a smart charging experience for our users already.

We suggest our CITA EV Smart Home Chargers can take advantage of the CITA Connect App to schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours. The application also allows the user to disable the scheduling as and when required.

Keeping in line with the new regulations, we will begin optimising your charging experience.

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