CITA EV @ EVIS EVENT | 20-22 MAY 2024 | ADNEC Centre, Abu Dhabi

CITA EV is proud to present its latest addition to the roster – the Smart 44 Gen 3 Smart 44 Gen 3 is a commercial charger designed to make your EV charging experience faster and smoother. When you come across our Smart 44, expect the following:

  • Compatible with all Type-2 Charging cables
  • Interactive touch screen with a user-friendly interface

The Smart 44 comes with an in-built MID Certified Metre and can charge 2 Electric Vehicles at once. These Gen 3 charging stations are equipped to ensure a safe and secure charging experience for your users. The Smart 44 charging station can connect to WiFi/LTE/Ethernet and enables the users to access operations through their smartphones too. The Smart EV Charger Management System software complements the Smart 44 making it simple for the users to manage their charging experiences. CITA EV is unveiling the new and improved Smart 44 Gen 3 Charger on 23rd May at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS).