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CITA Partnership with MONTA

CITA Partnership with MONTA

Smart App
Smart Features

Monta EV is a one-stop operating platform that is powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, etc., with one integrated software solution. CITA EV recommends it as it comes with the following features:

Group 1952

Segment Users

Group 1952

Public & Private mode

Group 1946

Set Different Pricing

Group 1947

Segment Users

Group 1951

Load Balancing

Group 1950

Reserve Charge Points

Group 1949

Charge On the Road

Group 1948

Multiple Payment Options

Group 1952

Smart Queue

Group 1953

Self Healing

Group 1954


Group 1955


Group 1959

App Clips

Group 1958

Charge Keys

Group 1957


Group 1956

QR Stickers

Monta Managment

A complete overview of your customers and your business


All payments and invoicing are automated, and configured through the portal

Simple & Safe Payment

The Monta Wallet is your financial EV charging bank account

Segment Users

With Monta’s software, you can: 

Decide who can use your charge point, when and at what price 

You can edit settings from the app or via web

Users can request access and you can send invites

Manage charge Points


Operate: Different price for public & team members for each of your charge points

Select access level for teams & the public

Change your subscription

Transfer charge points

Set Access & Schedules


Open times according to which team a user belongs to, or if they’re part of the public

Give exclusive access to group members during peak hours

Give the public access during off-peak hours