Powering A Greener Future

Established among the leading EV charger suppliers in the globe, CITA EV brings you a range of SIMPLE and SAFE smart EV home charging system for commercial and home usage. Quick installation of reliable EV chargers anywhere in the UK.

Complete Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Featuring compact designs and an easy-to-use operator platform, CITA EV has integrated smart EV charging technology with innovation to offer the best fit for all your needs. With a wide collection of high-performing EV charger for business as well as homes, we are one of the most reliable EV charger manufacturers in the UK.

EV Charger

Residential Charging Solutions

From small apartments, single or multi-unit homes, and villas to spacious offices, CITA EV has the perfect single-phase EV wall charger range for your space.


Commercial Charging Solutions

High-capacity charge point that can simultaneously serve two electric vehicles. Our advanced EV charging range is ideal for workplaces, companies, or wider business areas.


CITA Smart EV Connect App

Control and manage your EV charger from anywhere in the UK through our simple operator platform application for Android or iOS mobile phone.


Management System

Track, access, manage and optimize your CITA commercial EV chargers from anywhere by adopting our innovative technology-based devices suitable for every business model.

Our OZEV Approved Smart 7

CITA Smart 7 EV Charger has received Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) accreditation to qualify for the Workplace Charging Grant (WCS) and Homecharge Grant (EVHS). This high-tech EV smart charging system is well-designed and high-performing equipment having a maximum power of 7.2 kW for single-phase installations.

How To Get OZEV Grant in UK?

Save by adopting any of our state-of-the-art sustainable OZEV approved EV charger. On being eligible for this unique grant, your installation cost will go down by £350.


Our High-Power CITA Smart 44

Looking for the best high-capacity charging solutions for commercial space? Get our Smart 44 charging station with an output capacity to power up to two vehicles at the same time. Adhering to the latest industrial standards, the charger ensures accuracy with a MID-certified meter and the built-in RCD is for safety.

Smart charging at home & office

Watch CITA Smart EV Charger in action

it's everything you need

1.4kW – 7.2kW Power Range

RFID Access

Compatible with all type 2 charging cables

Solar PV Compatibility
with CT clamp

CITA App operation via WiFi/4G/Ethernet

3-year warranty

1.4kW – 7.2kW Power Range

CITA Smart EV App Operation

Easy installation and maintenance

Compatible with all type 2 charging cables

RFID Access

3-year warranty

Simplify Your EV Charging Experience

Live a sustainable lifestyle with an easy and comfortable electric vehicle powering solution that can be integrated into your own garage, workspace, or anywhere in the UK.

Step 1

Smart 7 Charging Pedestal

Whether you need an electric vehicle charge point for your home without a garage or parking lot, the Smart 7 charging pedestal comes in handy with a compact and secure design. Alternatively, the Smart 7 dock can be used for fixed installation directly on the wall.

Step 2

Expert Assistance

Being one of the popular EV charger manufacturers in the UK, we have a team of experts well-versed in installing and optimizing the charging process for performance and power consumption. They will accurately integrate the smart EV charging system into your domestic or commercial power network.

Step 3

Control and Manage Your Phone

With our well-designed CITA Smart EV application, you can operate various features such as the charging process and schedules from your living room without needing to reach the charger for any operation. Get analytical insights about power consumption, savings, charging logs, and more.

Monitor Anywhere & Everywhere

Now managing your electric vehicle charge point is simple! Our CITA EV range can be controlled easily using our user-friendly smartphone application to manage and monitor the system from your iOS or Android phone.


Need Sustainable Smart EV Chargers?

Approach the right suppliers and get the best! Send us your EV charger requirements for home or business space to receive a quick free quote on the ideal electric vehicle charging solution for you!