CITA Smart 7 is OZEV grant approved for Home (EVHS) & Workplace (WCS) Charger Installation


CITA Smart 7 EV Charger has been accredited by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) in the UK to qualify for the Homecharge Grant (EVHS) or the Workplace Charging Grant (WCS). If you are eligible, you can reduce the cost of your EV charger installation by £350.

Our EV Charging Solutions

EV Charger

Residential Charging Solutions

Our residential & workspace EV charger is designed for all types of single and multi-unit homes, apartments and office spaces.


Commercial Charging Solutions

Our commercial charger is designed to have outputs, which can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously. Ideal for all workplaces and commercial locations.


CITA Smart EV Connect App

You are powered by a smart application to manage all your CITA Smart EV Charger monitoring and settings from your iOS or Android mobile phone.


Charger Management System

CITA charger management system software lets you track, manage and optimize CITA Smart commercial chargers from wherever and whenever you please.

CITA Smart 7

Smart 7 charger is the most compact and high-performance home & office charging solution. Smart 7 comes with maximum power up to 7.2 kW for single-phase installation and comes with an integrated type 2 cable.

Smart charging at home & office

Watch CITA Smart EV Charger in action

it's everything you need

1.4kW – 7.2kW Power Range

RFID Access

Compatible with all type 2 charging cables

Solar PV Compatibility
with CT clamp

CITA App operation via WiFi/4G/Ethernet

3-year warranty

1.4kW – 7.2kW Power Range

CITA Smart EV App Operation

Easy installation and maintenance

Compatible with all type 2 charging cables

RFID Access

3-year warranty

Your charging experience

Comfortably integrated into everyday life: charge your electric car at any time in your own garage.,
Come home, park and plug in to the power supply – it couldn’t be easier.
Step 1

CITA EV Charger Expert

Our EV charger expert optimises the charging process in terms of performance, time and costs. Correctly integrated into your domestic power network by our expert, it continually monitors the power requirements of your electric car and the available output of the power supply.

Step 2

Smart 7 Charging Pedestal

In empty parking lots and homes without a garage, the Smart 7 charging pedestal comes in handly with a compact and secure design. Alternatively, Smart 7 dock can be used for fixed installation directly on the wall.

Step 3

Connect with CITA Smart EV App

With the CITA Smart EV App, you can operate various smart charging features from your living room without needing to reach the charger for any operation. For example, control the charging process, schedule your charging on a daily or weekly bases. Get charging insights with analytics of consumption, savings and charging logs.

CITA Smart EV App

You are powered by a smart application to manage all your CITA Smart EV Charger monitoring and settings from your iOS or Android mobile phone.

  • Realtime operation with current control according to your needs
  • Smart and schedule charging features
  • Charging insights with analytics
  • View charging logs, consumption and savings

Interested in CITA Smart EV Charger?

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