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Public Transport & Depot

Charging Solutions

Public Transport & Depot

Charging Solutions

Chargers that you can use at Public Transport & at Depots

The perfect EV charging solution to manage charging for public transports and at depots is with CITA EV. Our Smart 44 Gen 3 and it’s latest features offers you a smooth and safe EV charging experience.

Apart from hardware, our software su pport makes our products easy-to-use. Explore our range of DC chargers to find the right fit of EV charger for your depots.

Monta App

For Smart Charging

The Monta App is the one & only management system that will assist you to take care of your EV Charger business. Whether you are a fleet manager or an individual EV driver, Monta helps you do more than just a simple EV charging.

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Segment Users

Control members, guests and other EV drivers’ charge point access and usage

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Set Different Prices

Manage charge points on an individual level and decide pricing for different groups

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Fleet Management

Manage & monitor prices for public & team members for each charge point. View real-time charging history, consumption & savings.

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Sponsored Charge Points

Stay in power with your smart charger; who, when and at what price according to your convenience.

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Smart Queue

Smart Queue is an intelligent Queueing system that distributes EVs between charge points when they become available. Once it’s your turn, you get a notification

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Reserve Charge Points

Reserve a charge point to make sure you’re not driving to occupied charge points. Once a charge point is reserved, only you can start it

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Load Balancing

Static, Dynamic or true Dynamic options to distribute the electricity in a smart way. No need to buy expensive extra ampere.Load balancing

More Solutions

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Note from the brand:

CITA Smart EV Chargers come with a 3-year warranty.

Once your CITA Smart 7 | 22 has been installed, please register your products to take full advantage of the warranty support.