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Smart 22

Compact Commercial Charger

Smart 22

Compact Commercial Charger

Why the Smart 22?

Compact Commercial Charging Solution

Commercial Charging Solution CITA Smart 22 commercial charger provides fast charging to an electric vehicle, using the chargers on-board three-phase supply.

Access with Mobile App
via WiFi/4G/Ethernet

Active & Dynamic Load Balancing

Compatible with all
Type 2 Charging cables

Power Range
Upto to 22kW

RFID Access
for instant command

3 Years

PME Fault

MID Certified
Energy Meter

OCPP 1.6
JSON Integration

Technical Specifications


OZEV approved for Domestic and Commercial Grants in the UK

Type tested and CB certified by TÜV Rheinland UK

OZEV approved for Domestic and Commercial Grants in the UK

Type tested and CB certified by TÜV Rheinland UK

CITA EV X Monta App

A CITA EV Partner Portal for Charge point owners


The CITA EV Partner Portal is an all-in-one solution for managing charge points, running your EV charging business and setting up customer charging solutions.


Charge point owners get a full fledged solution to attract users and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions on behalf of their customers.


Through the Load Balancing, Self Healing, and Smart Queue features, it turbocharges your organisation to get the most out of your EV operation.

Interested in CITA Smart 22?
Interested in CITA Smart 22?
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Save £350 with OZEV grant

The £350 OZEV grant is now only available to Landlords, apartment block owners and social housing companies.

What is the EVHS grant?

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a grant provided by OZEV, aimed at offering an additional incentive to UK EV drivers. It offers up to £350 towards the cost of installing smart electric vehicle chargepoints at domestic properties across the UK.

Under the new OZEV rules, homeowners can no longer claim the EVHS’s £350 funding for off-street charger installation. The new rules will only grant eligibility to: Landlords | Social housing providers | Owners of apartment blocks


Whom can I have to install my Smart 7 charger for me?

Electric Vehicle chargers should be installed by a suitably qualified and competent person, taking into consideration all local electrical safety and wiring regulations in your installation country. CITA recommend the installation is by our fully trained and vetted CITA Installation Partners. Full details of these partners can be found on our website.

What is the installation process for an EV Charger?

The installation will vary depending on your electrical infrastructure. However, the basis of installation would be, a new circuit from your electrical board to the electric vehicle charger, with suitable circuit breaker, as deemed by local electrical wiring regulations.

How do I start and stop charging from my CITA Smart 22 charger?

Charging can be started and stopped, by means of a secure RFID card, or through your mobile application, meaning the start and stop procedures are both simple and secure.

Can I create additional users for charging?

Yes, you can create additional app users, whom you will give permissions to use the charger as a separate account user. This allows reporting on energy for all individual users.

Can I use other CITA charger to charge my EV?
  1. As long as you have a user created by the administrator/owner of that charger, you can charge any type to charging EV at any CITA Smart 22 Charger. 
  2. Public space charger at CITA chargers will require an additional app and additional information.
Who at CITA has access to my data?

Our Development team use charging data for diagnostic purposes.

Our Support Team may access your data in the event of a fault.