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OZEV approves CITA EV AC and DC chargers for Home and Workplace | CITA EV Chargers

Everything you need to know about the OZEV Grant Changes and Workplace Charging Scheme

The increasing shift of mindset and lifestyle towards sustainable modes of transportation, especially when it is fueled by the Government, makes us feel closer to achieving what we set out to. This shift has also encouraged the Government in the United Kingdom to dedicate a significant amount of effort: both time and money to ease the transition into green mobility. 

In this regard, the Office of Zero Emissions Vehicles has mandated an approval process for AC and DC Chargers for streamlining the process of green mobility transition.

In compliance with the regulations, CITA EV’s AC and DC Chargers are approved for usage by the OZEV for home and workplace charging

  • CITA Smart 7 (CES 2021 Innovation Award product)
  • CITA Smart 22 Gen 2
  • CITA Smart 44 Gen 2
  • CITA Smart 60 DC

approved by OZEV for Residential and Commercial Grants

The 60kW DC comes only under Commercial Charging since it is a DC Charger. All our other models are applicable for both residential and commercial use. 

What does this mean for me?

If you own an AC or a DC charger from CITA EV, then you are eligible to apply for the 350-pound grant given by the OZEV. This initiative is to encourage savings in the number of electricity bills paid both by homeowners and building owners. 

All CITA EV Chargers are eligible for both the Residential and Commercial OZEV Grants. 

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In addition to the OZEV grant, the EV Charge point Grant is also available from the OZEV. This replaced the Electric Vehicle Home charge Scheme on 1st April 2022. The EV ChargePoint grant provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle smart charge points at domestic properties across the UK. 

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