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Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability – Key Learnings from the IPCC Report Feb 2022

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a United Nations intergovernmental body that gives information and knowledge on human-induced climate change. The Panel was formed in 1988 and has been working on collecting information and sharing it with the governments of the world to sensitize and urge them to take action against the adverse effects of this anthropogenic climate change. The objective is to drive a societal change backed by scientific findings about the climatic situation.

Every few years since 1990, the IPCC collects published data about the ongoing climate catastrophe and compiles it into an Assessment Report. The IPCC has published six Assessment Reports so far and all of them have been urging humanity to take action immediately.

We went through the Sixth Assessment Report 2022’s Second Working Group titled “Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability” and found a few key points that are imperative for the future of humanity. We need to act on them to have an Earth for our posterity:

  1. The action was needed yesterday but what we do today and tomorrow can and is going to help keep the warming in check. The biggest impact of the warming is the unprecedented heatwaves, droughts and other extreme weather changes that cause destruction to species and nature alike.
  2. The world is slowly and surely taking note of the warming and is moving towards adopting newer ways of reducing it. While these efforts are there almost everywhere, they need to scale up rapidly for quicker results.
  3. There are certain processes that will be completely irreversible because of the continuous increase of the heat on Earth. No amount of adaptation to new ways of life will help with it.
  4. The number that the whole world has been dreading so far – 1.5 degrees celsius – is fast approaching and we need to be taking action today for a slightly better tomorrow.

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