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Why the new CITA Smart 44KW ev charger is your best choice for commercial EV charging

If you are looking for an EV charger manufacturer in the UK who can help you address your commercial charging needs, you have landed up at the right place. CITA is proud to announce the brand new avatar of its coveted Smart 44 EV charger


The sleek, new Smart 44 is optimised to make for a futuristic and smart EV charging station at your workplace or in public places. It is designed to be efficient while also performing rapid charging processes. Here is a list of some of the features of this new and improved CITA 44KW EV charger


  • MID certified meter to ensure accuracy 
  • RFID access for a secure EV charging experience 
  • It has a power range of 2x22KW 
  • Compatible with all Type-2 EV charging cables  
  • Optimised for easy installation and maintenance with a sleek and modern design
  • The CITA EV Management System makes it easy for monitoring the EV charger and its working 
  • The CITA 44KW also accepts payments online through leading card providers and wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay 
  • Customers can now customise the body paint colour of the charger 
  • The CITA Smart 44kW EV charger comes with a 3-year warranty 


The CITA Smart 44kW is an EV commercial charger designed to make your commercial charging experience easier, quicker and simpler. It comfortably integrates into your everyday life by allowing you to charge your electric car at your workplace or a public place. It provides all EV owners with a park and plug feature – now with two EV cars at once! 

You can learn more about the technical and electrical specifications, visit You can now pre-order the new CITA 44kW on our website!